About Us

Back in 1958, our Company started out in a small abandoned gas station in Goodyear, Arizona. Our founder “Marko” Markichevich played football at Arizona State in the early 1950’s and had a true love for the game. After graduating, he began teaching and coaching at Agua Fria High School. He began his vision of building the company by repairing football shoes, which at that time, were black leather soled Hi Tops which required oiling. He would do this in the evenings after a full day of teaching and coaching at Agua Fria. He eventually realized that there was a much larger demand for the repair and maintenance of the schools athletic equipment. So, he started what was then known as “Sun Valley Athletic Service”.

Years later, the company grew and soon was a full line team dealer and reconditioner of all aspects of athletic equipment and uniforms. This really complimented the operation with the addition of new product sales and being able to service those products. The company was located in Goodyear, Arizona from 1958 to 1989 and eventually the name was changed to Sunvalco Athletic Supply Company.

Sunvalco Athletic has been a member of N.A.E.R.A (National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association) and a Licensee for N.O.C.S.A.E (National operating Committee on the Safety of Athletic Equipment) since it was established back in 1969. Marko's two sons, Larry and Gary, along with Larry's son Tyler, continue the tradition of servicing our players, coaches, and administrators with the same dedication that has driven our company for over 50 YEARS!

In 2020 Sunvalco Athletic Reconditioning was acquired by Riddell. Sunvalco Athletic Supply is one of the first companies of its kind. We will continue to serve our loyal customers through our retail store in Tempe. We have aligned ourselves with the leading company in our industry and the future looks bright.