Riddell CPX Should Pad – CPX10i $289.95 Stock on hand.


Integrating better quality material and removable Shoulder Channels create a more versatile pad compared to the SPX style. Regular length arches and small STAC provide protection and comfort for running backs and defensive backs. Arches are Swim Cut for increased range of motion. Standard features include 1” BIOTHANE® belt.

Available in QB/WR

  • Keyhole Cap Design cradles the AC joint for additional comfort and maximum protection.
  • BIOTHANE® brand webbing sets the standard for performance and quality in protective sporting goods. BIOTHANE® STAC straps provide needed resiliency between the arch and shoulder for protection hit after hit.
  • BIOTHANE® belts maintain the shape of the arch to dissipate the energy at impact.
  • Spacer Fabric, a high-performance, ultra-comfortable pad liner, promotes air circulation and provides additional player comfort.
  • Velvet Collar for superior pad comfort.
  • Removable Channels to optimize fit and pad height above the shoulder.
  • Swim Cut arch patterns available for increased range of motion and mobility.