Riddell Speed Flex:

Riddell has made another great helmet that not only looks good, but can also perform in all aspects a helmet should.

5-star-helmet-reducedAccording to the latest Virginia Tech 5 STAR helmet ratings,the Adult Speed Flex has a STAR value of 0.193 ( 3rd best).  Keep in mind this test is based off of low velocity impacts in a controlled temperature environment. Reference: Bean.vt.edu/helmet/helmets_football.php


riddell-speedflex-adult-quarter-web-2First, let’s start with the aesthetics. Riddell always designs helmets to look good on the field. The flex panel design is easily identified at a quick glance . I assume that wasn’t an accident. The flex panel is designed to reduce impact force. An aggressive shell design makes the helmet look fast, even when it’s not in motion. The Ratchet-Loc ™ system also generates some talk with such an ingenious design. One of those “Why didn’t they think of this before?” moments.



The Adult Speed Flex weighs 4.55 lbs. The youth speed Flex weighs in at 4.2 lbs. Both helmets are on the heavy side when comparing all helmets weights. For that reason we don’t recommend the helmet for any player that’s under 100 lbs. This helmet breaks the mold for position specific helmets. Most skilled players prefer a lighter weight helmet however the Flex is popular in all football positions.


Flexliner RiddellComfort inside the Flex helmet is definitely top quality.The Flexliner ™ improves helmet stability and provides superior comfort. The days of walking around with a red forehead are completely behind us, (now that Peyton retired) The new occipital air liner adds a new fitting element that allows the athletes occipital lobe to be cradled, which no other helmet has. The helmet has 5 inflation locations, witch is the most in all helmet designs. Keep in mind, the Flex runs a tad tighter than the Speed.  This is perfect, because in my experience, a lot of players have the “tweener” size head that ride between Medium and Large.

RATCHET-LOC™ RETENTION SYSTEMAnother great feature are the Valve locks on the flex helmet.  The valve locks hold the air liner valve stem close to the helmet shell. I can’t tell you how difficult and frustrating it is to push back in a liner on a speed helmet. Hats off the Riddell team for designing such a small but important system. The valve lock lines up almost perfect every time to insert a needle for fitting. Of course, the design is not 100% flawless. Make sure to use aflat head screw driver when installing or removing. The valve lock has a Philips head fitting, however, you may end up stripping the soft plastic material.


Keep in mind, the Speed Flex has the most cumulative parts that make up its unique design.

Riddell speedflex qr hardware

Riddell speedflex qr hardware

Therefore, we recommend purchasing extra parts just in case something breaks during a game. Buy Hardware Kit




Overall The Speed Flex by Riddell, is an exceptional helmet. It fits many different head shapes and has one of the best safety ratings on the market. Buy Speed Flex