Schutt Youth Vengeance A3+ Helmet – $128.69

The new Youth Vengeance A3+ has an upgraded adjustable air liner system for a better customized fit. The re-designed Vengeance helmet shell that has a lower profile and sleeker look. Reducing a helmets weight is an important  factor for youth helmets.


  • Lightweight Low Profile

  • Inflatable Air Liner

  • Comfortable fit and feel

  • Eye catching design

$154.99 – $179.99

Comes standard with a youth soft cup chin strap and 1 1/8″ Inter-Link jaw pads.

With an inflatable air liners inside the helmet, this helmet provides a more customized fit and comfort at a great price.

The black out Comfort Liner and neon green TPU cushion system provides an eye catching look inside the helmet. Inter-Link jaw pads mechanically attach to the helmet.