Schutt Vengeance Z10

5 Star rating

Based on the VA Tech STAR system the Vengeance Z10 has a rating of 5 stars.

Schutt Sports builds gear for protection and player safety. Although the Vengeance VTD II shell may be slightly larger than other helmets on the market, the newly designed Z10 is quickly turning heads.

Football trends have shifted to a more light weight streamline fad. The Z10 leads the way with its sleek design and low profile helmet shell. Schutt Sports obtains such a compact look in the Z10 by utilizing a smaller shell for all helmet sizes (excluding XL). Schutt Sports have done their homework, which draws a positive eye appeal to its Z10 Vengeance shell. This helmet will continue to gain popularity and push Schutt Sports into the spotlight.

Weighing your options:

The Z10 titanium face guard puts the Z10 Vengeance helmet just over Three pounds!

(lightest varsity helmet on the market)

The internal parts of the Z10 Vengeance has an entirely different look and feel. The intriguing black-out look on the newly designed SUREFIT liner system draws interest right away. The back and lateral liner can inflate to customize the fit to each head shape. Each helmet contains three different thickness crown pads that are interchangeable and tailor to each head shape while obtaining the helmets low profile design. The new front cushion is made of a new Poron material which gives the player a soft feel and great fit. Schutt’s traditional blue TPU cushioning absorbs a higher amount of impacts throughout a larger range of temperatures than any other football helmet.

The Z10 Vengeance features the all new Helmet Stabilization System, which increases performance with its superior design. This new system holds the helmet secure on the players head to reduce rotational force.

The new Helmet Stabilization System frames the players face providing a more secure feel. The Stabilization System is locked on the helmet with mechanical attached hardware.

Schutt Sports helmets are worn by over 50% of the NFL’s skill position players. The new Z10 Vengeance and Vengeance pro are being worn by over 150 players in the NFL. I would not be surprised if this model takes off in popularity due to its overall acceptance in the market. 


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