The NEW Schutt F7 football helmet

Updated 1/23/2017

Limited distribution and a MSRP of around $900.00.

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We’ve redesigned and reinforced our renowned “raised brow”
faceguard for the F7, improving its impact dispersion capability.
The F7 also comes equipped with an all new “Rapid Release
System,” comprised of our patented twist release retainer, and
all new EZ Clips on the sides of the helmet.

The helmet that’s best for any player is the helmet that fits
him the best. Schutt helmets are legendary for their comfort
and fit, thanks to features like the SUREFIT air liner. The
Helmet Stabilization System frames your face and gives you
a secure, “locked in” feel inside the helmet. Air flow inside the
helmet is enhanced with the open sided TPU Cushions.

The F7 hits the football field sporting an advanced Three Dimensional Movement System (3DM). To improve the management of rotational energy and impact absorption, we’ve incorporated strategically placed Tectonic Plates onto the shell. The movable plates, along with four additional layers of protection create the ultimate energy system system.

TPU Cushioning is used throughout the helmet. TPU
Cushioning has been proven to absorb more impact across a
wider variety of temperatures than any other football helmet.
The F7 features the all-new Helmet Stabilization System,
which enhances performance through better fit.

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The new Schutt F7 helmet has been unveiled at the AFCA convention.

Although there is not much information out, we do know how aesthetically impressive this helmet looks. TEKTONIC Technology consists of three plates on the shell, that absorb a substantial amount of impact. This type technology dedicated to specific impact zones on the helmet seem to be the cutting edge of helmet safety. The F7 has a newly designed face guard locking system for easy install and removal. Other features on the F7 look similar to the face frame jaw pads on the Vengeance Z10 which reduce rotational force. A redesigned back bumper and corrugated shell give the helmet a unique and aggressive look players crave.

Stay tuned for more information.

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